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Mee goreng (Fried Noodle)

Malaysia Cooking Class
Malaysia Cooking Class

Ah, Mee Goreng – a flavor-packed journey on a plate! 🍜 Imagine wok-tossed noodles infused with spices, veggies, and your choice of protein. The result? A symphony of textures and tastes that'll make your taste buds dance. Have you tried it with extra chili for that extra kick? 🔥 Share your Mee Goreng adventures with us! #MeeGorengMagic #FoodieExplorers 🌶️🥢

Mee goreng (Fried Noodle)

2 servings of fresh yellow noodles

2 spoons of chili paste

3 cloves garlic finely chopped

4 oz plant-based ‘egg’ – optional

¼ cup pan-fried tofu slices

¼ cup fish cake or fish ball -optional

½ cup bean sprout

Oil for cooking


2 tablespoons ketchup*

2 tablespoons oyster sauce

1 table spoon chili sauce

¼ cup water


Lime wedges calamansi works best

A handful of fried shallots


In a large bowl, mix all the sauce ingredients until well combined and set aside until ready to use.

Heat a wok with 1 tablespoon of oil, then sauté garlic until aromatic along with chili paste, and noodles,

then stir.

Push the ingredients to the side, add a drizzle of oil (if needed) and pour in the plant-based ‘egg’. Let

the ‘egg’ cook a little to set then bring the noodles to cover the ‘egg’.

Add in the tofu and fishcakes and slowly add in the sauces. Using a wok spatula or tongs, stir-fry while

tossing all the ingredients together until well-combined. Quick tip: Try not to stir too hard or it will break

up the noodles into tiny threads.

Finally, fold in the mung bean sprouts and cook for another minute or so. If you prefer a softer mung

bean sprouts texture, increase the cooking time. Taste test and season to your preference.

Garnish with shredded green lettuce, chili slices, fried shallots, and a squeeze of lime juice before



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